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Boston Based Synth Pop Band Polystar
This is a LiveJournal Community for the Boston-based synthpop band Polystar.

The permanent members of the "polystar security council" are Ted Fraser of New Orleans, Louisiana and Danny Gold of Cambridge, Massachusetts. When they're not arguing about politics, Ted and Dan find time to get together in the pastoral setting of their home state of Maine. There they write edgy pop songs set to a lush and varied sound scape. Also very much in the polystar orbit is producer/keyboardist Sean T. Drinkwater, a fellow Maine native. You can enjoy his other fine projects at lifestyleland.com and freezepop.com. Polystar has released two albums on Archenemy Records, featuring work with Roger O'Donnell, Boz Boorer and Erin Lang.

Check out Polystar's MySpace here!

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